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UC Radio 2.0

UC Radio is back. Mike is bringing back the show that was rated the #11 internet radio show in the US by The Houston Press music geniuses, and listened to around the world by rock fans from LA to Madagascar. Host, producer, and guitarist for the world famous band Minus One, Mike is a survivor of the Southern California 80s and 90's rock scene, and surviving was pretty much what everyone at the time was trying to do. Being in LA, I had access to true, van-based pirate radio, great headlining bands at the Forum, Sports Arena, and local rock clubs, and I played with a ton of bands on the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica, and up and down the California coast. Music is in my blood, and has been for as long as I remember, and I have no time for complete crap.

May 25, 2010

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Great music as well by The Buggles, The Erotics, The Four Tops, Poison, Babylon Saints, Imperial Decision and Led Zeppelin. You can find most of today's music at eMusic, CDBaby, or iTunes. Just click the song below you want and you'll be taken to the best place I could find to purchase it. Get in touch with the bands and let them know you heard them on UC Radio, then get in touch with UC Radio through any of the methods below. Please support those that support UC Radio when you can. You'll find coupons, promo codes and info on all of the show sponsors here...


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